Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Lendwell?

Lendwell is an exciting fintech company focused on responsible online lending. We seek to become the leading provider of employee loans through our hassle-free lending process and excellent industry practices. We are a tech-first organization and seek to bring digital solutions to all aspects of the customer experience.

2. What does Lendwell do?

Lendwell is an online lending platform that offers affordable and easy access to salary advances for employees. We work closely with employers to enhance their benefits program.

Lendwell issues short-term, multi-purpose loans which are payable via salary deduction, making repayment simple and convenient for our borrowers.

3. How do I get a salary advance with Lendwell?

Getting an advance is easy. Once your employer has partnered with Lendwell, just enroll online so we can verify your information, and you’ll be ready to go.

Is your company not yet an accredited partner? Ask them to join for free. Invite your company

4. How much can I advance?

Eligible borrowers can advance up to 40% of their net monthly salary.

5. What is the Loan Rate?

Lendwell offers a fixed monthly add-on rate of 1.95%. Borrowers with good credit standing may be eligible for lower rates.

6. Are there other fees I have need to pay?

A processing fee (5%) and Documentary Stamp Tax (0.5%), both of which are based on the total loan amount and assessed at the time of disbursement.

7. Can I apply for loan that is greater than my credit limit?

By building good credit standing with Lendwell, you may be eligible for a higher loan amount. For first-time borrowers, Lendwell bases the loan amount on monthly earnings. If you receive a salary adjustment in the future, this may affect the credit limit the next time you borrow.

8. Can I get two loans at the same time?

We encourage being financially responsible, so you can only request for a new advance once you’ve completely paid off your previous loan.

9. Can I apply for another loan after fully paying off my previous loan?

Yes. After repaying your previous loan, you can immediately apply for a new loan.

10. How do I know if I am eligible and what are the eligibility requirements?

Lendwell is available only to employees of our accredited company partners.

Eligible employees must be 21 -55 years old, a Filipino citizen, and regularized with the company.

11. What requirements do I need to submit?

All Lendwell needs is your TIN and a valid Government picture ID.

12. How do I request for a salary advance?

Applying is easy. Once we’ve partnered with your employer, simply sign-up online, verify your identity, and submit your personal details.

After we’ve authenticated your account, you’re ready to apply.

13. Why does Lendwell ask for my consent?

Lendwell is committed to following industry regulations and strictly follows the Data Privacy Act. Before we access your personal data, we’ll need your consent to ensure compliance. For more details, you can view our privacy disclosure Privacy Policy.

14. What is the company access code and how do I get one?

Each company is given a unique access code that is exclusive to their employees. If you are interested in using Lendwell but have not received your code, you may retrieve this from your HR manager

15. How do I know if I’m a verified user?

All verified employees will receive an SMS/email notification informing them that their identity has been confirmed. If you have not received a notification within 24 hours, please email

Remember, you must submit a valid government picture ID and TIN as part of the approval process.

16. What is the Promissory Note, Disclosure Statement, Authorization Agreement, and why do I need to sign these?

These are the loan documents which serve as your loan contract with Lendwell. You’ll need to provide your electronic approval to signify acceptance of the terms and conditions of each document before we can process your loan request. Please read and review these carefully.

17. How long will it take for my request to be approved?

Once your account has been verified, Lendwell can review and approve your request in as quickly as 15-minutes.

18. How soon can I get my advance?

As soon as Lendwell approves your request, the loan proceeds will be credited instantly to your payroll account. You will receive an SMS notification once funds have been sent.

19. How do I repay my Loan?

We work with your employer to automatically debit the amount due each month from your payroll.

20. When is my payment due date?

Your due date will fall on your payroll dates (ex. 15th and 30th of each month). Due dates may vary depending on your company’s payroll schedule.

21. Where do I go to view the status of my account?

You can view loan details, statements, payment schedules, and more by logging in to your Lendwell account.

22. What happens if I can’t make my monthly payment?

Each missed payment will incur a penalty of P500.00. Please make sure to inform Lendwell or your Human Resource Manager if you know you will be unable to make a payment.

23. Can I fully pay to close off my loan earlier than my loan term?

Yes. Just email and one of our agents will guide you through the process.